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What is the treatment for venous stasis?

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When you have trouble with your veins, you want to get the right treatment to help you feel better. But in some cases, you may not be sure what’s causing the problem and how to get it treated. That’s where your vein doctor can come in, as they can help you find the right diagnosis and treatment options to have you feeling better about leg vein disease and related issues. One of the most common issues when it comes to vein health is venous stasis, which can cause pain and discomfort, along with an unsightly look, typically in the legs or thighs. Here’s what to know about this condition.

What Does Venous Stasis Mean? 

Venous stasis is also called venous insufficiency, and it’s directly related to poor blood floor in the legs. With that in mind, it’s important to look at what kinds of problems this can cause. Spider veins and varicose veins are very common with venous insufficiency, and these can cause additional issues if they aren’t treated or if they continue to get worse. In some cases, they can cause restless legs, along with pain, itching, aching, heaviness, and more. By treating venous stasis in its early stages, the possibility for problems with spider veins and varicose veins is reduced.

How Do Doctors Diagnose This Condition?

Doctor diagnose venous insufficiency in a number of different ways. There are diagnostic tests that can show whether this is a problem for you, and doctors also use patient’s own accounts of the problems they’re experiencing as a way to diagnose whether there are vein problems occurring. Not everyone will have the same kinds of symptoms, but when there are problems with your legs you’ll want to talk to your vein doctor in order to see if vein issues may be the cause. If problems with your veins are found, and the blood isn’t moving through them in a sufficient way, it’s important to discover that so it can be properly treated.

Which Treatment Option is Right for You? 

Getting the right vein treatment is a vital part of staying healthy. For venous stasis, one of the most common treatments is prescription compression stockings. These stockings help the blood flow more easily through veins, and the compression is an excellent way to reduce the chances of varicose and spider vein issues. Leg vein disease can be serious, and when your vein health is in question you want to make sure your doctor is addressing what’s taking place. If compression stockings aren’t enough, or they aren’t going to give you the help you need, there are other options for treating venous insufficiency. Working with your doctor to find the right treatment option is the best way to get the help you need so your legs can feel better and you can be healthier, overall.