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Compression Therapy for Varicose Veins

Compression therapy is more than just wearing tight stockings! It’s a safe, non-invasive way to help prevent and treat painful leg vein problems.

How Compression Therapy Works

Specially designed stockings and socks use compression to support your legs and keep blood flowing properly through your veins. The compression is strongest at the ankle and lessens as it goes up your leg. You wear the socks or stockings all day.

Benefits of Compression Therapy

Compression therapy gives new life to your legs. Some benefits include:

  • Legs feel lighter and cooler
  • Less swelling, itching, burning, and restlessness
  • You can stay on your feet longer without pain
  • Legs feel more comfortable during activity

Size and Strength

With compression therapy, one size does not fit all! Professional-grade compression stockings only work when you wear the right size and strength. Dr. Bellamah and his team can determine how much compression you need (it’s measured in mmHg or millimeters of mercury). Our trained staff measures and fits all patients, so you can buy and wear with confidence.

Fashionable Options

Just like regular hosiery, compression stockings and socks come in a variety of styles, colors, fabrics, and lengths. Bellamah Vein Center carries a wide variety of brands and styles, including athletic and maternity wear. Men and women can find something that meets their needs for health and fashion.

Brands we carry:

  • Vim and Vigr
  • CEP (sports line)
  • Rejuva health
  • Juzo


People with certain medical conditions should not wear compression stockings or socks. It’s important to talk to your healthcare provider before purchasing or wearing these products.

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