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Dr. Bellamah was the first physician in Western Montana to devote his entire practice to the treatment of vein disease. Watch the videos below to learn more.

Less than two years ago, Aldean could barely walk and surgeons couldn’t replace his injured knee without improved circulation. Thanks to Bellamah Vein Center’s painless outpatient procedure to improve circulation in his legs, Aldean was able to have knee surgery and recovered in record time. Now Aldean is hunting for the first time in nearly 30 years.

Michelle struggled with discomfort and fatigue after developing varicose veins during pregnancy. Her symptoms had even started to impact her ability to work. Thanks to Bellamah Vein Center’s minimally invasive outpatient treatment, Michelle is able to look and feel her best!

Charlie and JoEllen were experiencing symptoms of vein disease, including tired and heavy feeling legs, which were preventing them from enjoying their walks together. After receiving treatment at Bellamah Vein Center, they are now able to extend their walks and enjoy their time outdoors. They have even added a new four legged walking partner!

Kristi is not only a member of the talented and caring team at Bellamah Vein Center, she is also a patient.

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