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Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLA) is a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment for perforating veins. We use local anesthesia, so you’ll be awake during the treatment. You may be given a mild sedative to help you relax. EVLA takes about 30 minutes, although you will spend 1-2 hours in our office due to normal pre- and post-treatment procedures.

In EVLA, ultrasound is used to guide the procedure. Dr. Bellamah uses a needle to access the vein. Then he inserts a tiny catheter (thin wire) containing a laser heat source into the vein. The tissue around the vein is injected with numbing medicine so that you will not feel the laser heat. When the laser is activated, heat causes the vein to collapse and seal shut as the catheter is gradually pulled back along the course of the vein. Blood flow is naturally redirected to healthy veins. Over time, the body absorbs the treated vein.

After the procedure, a compression bandage is applied to the leg and should be worn for 24 hours. You’ll be able to walk and go home soon after the treatment. You can resume your normal activities the following day. To speed healing and improve circulation, a compression stocking should be worn for two weeks. You may see some bruising and swelling. Your legs may look and feel better right away, or it may take several weeks after the procedure for you to see improvement.

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After EVLA, we encourage you to walk frequently. This helps to redirect the blood to healthier veins that are deeper in the leg.

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