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What Is VeinGogh?

Bellamah Vein Center offers VeinGogh, a revolutionary procedure to treat spider veins on the face and legs. VeinGogh uses the ‪Ohmic Thermolysis System‬ to close off small veins. ‬‬

How does the VeinGogh procedure work?

A very fine (hair-like), insulated needle delivers a microburst of energy to the vein. The resulting heat causes the vein to collapse and disappear..

How long does the VeinGogh procedure take?

The VeinGogh treatment usually takes less than 30 minutes. With minimal discomfort and irritation, patients will typically only need one session to see immediate results.

Are there any side effects with VeinGogh?

The top layers of the skin are not affected, but patients sometimes experience minimal redness after the procedure. In most cases the redness disappears in less than two hours.

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