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How Varicose Vein Treatment Works

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How Varicose Vein Treatment Works

You may already know that there now many ways to treat varicose veins, but do you know how varicose vein treatment works? Your Boca Raton vein surgeon performs a variety of procedures to reduce the appearance of bulging, twisting, blue or purple varicose veins that can ruin the smooth appearance of the skin on your legs. Varicose veins are incompetent veins, which mean the blood vessels do a poor job of circulating blood. Arteries carry blood from your heart to feet with a little help from gravity. Veins have to work against the force of gravity to bring this blood back upwards towards your heart. One-way valves trap blood in small segments in your veins in between heartbeats to prevent blood from flowing backwards and pooling in your feet. Incompetent veins and valves allow blood to flow backwards, a phenomenon known as venous reflux. Pooling blood fills the veins in your lower extremities and, as a response, your body expands these veins. This causes the veins to bloat, twist and become varicose veins.

Boca Raton Vein Doctor Explains Varicose Vein Treatment

Your Boca Raton vein doctor may recommend one of two varicose vein treatment approaches: close the affected vein or remove it. To close the vein, the venous surgeon irritates the inside of the vein. The irritated vein swells and seals closed. Your circulatory system will route blood through other veins in the area. In time, the treated vein breaks apart. Nearby tissue absorbs the remnants of the treated vein to leave behind fresh, attractive skin. There are several ways to irritate the inside of the vein. Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a chemical irritant, known as a sclerosant, with a needle. Laser ablation uses the power of light energy, administered through a tiny laser fiber placed into the affected vein with the guidance of ultrasound imaging. A venous surgeon may also use ultrasound imaging during sclerotherapy to treat veins located too deep within the body for effective treatment with lasers. A vein surgeon may recommend removal of the affected vein through tiny incisions in the skin, a varicose vein treatment known as ambulatory microphlebectomy. All varicose veins treatments available today provide excellent cosmetic results without an overnight stay in a hospital. Modern vein treatments cause minimal pain and scarring. In most cases, patients are able to get up and walk around immediately after undergoing varicose vein. In fact, vein doctors encourage ambulation and other gentle activity to stimulate circulation and promote healing of the treated area. Varicose vein treatment reduces the appearance of existing varicose veins. Your vein doctor may recommend one treatment, or a combination of treatments to provide the best results. As with any medical treatment, not all varicose vein treatments are right for everyone. If you have varicose veins, talk with your Boca Raton vein doctor to learn which type of varicose vein treatment approaches may be right for you.