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Can you bleed to death from a ruptured varicose vein?

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Having varicose veins can be a serious issue, but most people don’t realize the significance of it. To the majority of people with this condition, it’s unsightly but not bothersome. It also may cause them some discomfort in the way of achiness or restlessness in the legs, a heavy feeling, or itching. These are some of the reasons that people seek treatment for their leg vein disease. But what they don’t realize is that there are more serious concerns that they could be facing. Although it’s relatively rare, a varicose vein can rupture and the bleeding from it can be very severe in some cases.

A Ruptured Varicose Vein Can Bleed Profusely 

Most varicose veins don’t rupture, and some of them don’t cause any problems at all. But in rare cases, a varicose vein can rupture so badly that the person actually bleeds to death from it. Any ruptured vein is something that needs immediate medical attention and isn’t something that a person should try to treat at home. With home remedies such as warm baths and other suggestions, bleeding can actually be made worse. That’s why it’s so important to seek out medical help right away, instead of trying to stop it at home or hoping that it will quit bleeding on its own.

Vein Bleeding is Sometimes Confused With Arterial Hemorrhage 

In some cases, ruptured varicose vein bleeding can be so bad that it looks like a hemorrhage from an artery. That can make it difficult to determine what’s wrong and can take a little time to discover. Seconds may count in these scenarios, so it’s vital to call a medical professional or contact 911 right away if a varicose vein ruptures and begins to bleed. Taking it seriously can help save a life, and while most varicose veins won’t rupture or bleed heavily, it’s important that you don’t take any chances if one should start to bleed.

What Should You Ask Your Doctor?

When you’re seeking vein treatment, you want to ask your doctor about vein health including spider veins and varicose vein concerns. You may not be sure whether a vein is at particular risk of rupture, but the more severely damaged the vein is the higher the chance that it will rupture and bleed. For veins that are at a high level of risk, you’ll want to work with your doctor on treatment options. It may be better to get a vein taken care of before it has a chance to get to the point where it could rupture. Not only can that help with your overall health and your vein health, but it can also give you a higher level of peace of mind, as well.