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Ambulatory Phlebectomy: Don’t Let Stab Avulsion Intimidate You

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You may hear the ambulatory phlebectomy procedure (for varicose veins) referred to as stab avulsion or stab phlebectomy, both online and in discussions with some medical professionals. Even with this rather violent-sounding name sometimes attached to it– ambulatory phlebectomy is, in fact, a very controlled, precise, and minimally invasive procedure, performed by expert vascular surgeons here in Missoula. Microphlebectomy (as it is also called) is extremely effective for varicose veins and is recommended only to those patients who will benefit most from it.

So, if your Montana vein specialist recommends stab avulsion (although we prefer the term ambulatory or microphlebectomy around here), don’t let the terminology throw you off. The "stab" moniker came about due to the small size of microphlebectomy incisions. The skin cuts required for the procedure are very, very tiny. and they almost don’t count as incisions. Microphlebectomy incisions are somewhat comparable to needle sticks–and this is why the term "stab" is sometimes used. As for avulsion, it’s simply a term for removal, although not a happy-sounding one. It is meant to describe that the malfunctioning varicose vein is removed (through the tiny incisions) with a small, hooked surgical instrument. 

When is Ambulatory Phlebectomy Appropriate for Varicose Veins?

If you have large, ropy-looking varicose veins visible on your legs, our Missoula, MT vein doctor may suggest ambulatory phlebectomy to remove the veins and improve your circulation. This is a sensible suggestion, when veins being treated are close to the surface of your skin and easily accessible with the microphlebectomy procedure. Microphlebectomy was developed as a more efficient and easily tolerated vein removal strategy, which typically replaces the older "vein stripping" surgeries that required major incisions and possible hospital stays. 

The "ambulatory" part of this procedure’s name hints at one of it’s great benefits–you’ll be able to walk almost immediately after having the procedure. Since the procedure requires just a few tiny incisions, and is extremely effective, it is one of the advanced vein treatments we often use for our patients with bulging varicose veins. However, microphlebectomy is not right for every case of varicose veins, or for every patient.

Is Ambulatory Phlebectomy Right for Me?

As you may know, this procedure is just one of many minimally invasive procedures our vein clinic offers. Which procedure is chosen to treat your vein problems has to do with the specifics of your situation. Your vein doctor may recommend more than one type of procedure to treat various types of diseased veins that can occur in the same patient. We have other treatment options preferred for issues like tiny spider veins, or for deeper varicose veins. Contact Bellamah Vein Center for an appointment to find out what procedure might work best for your varicose veins.