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Can stress cause blood clots?

September 13, 2018 • jake • vein treatment

The medical community has known for many years that stress is a killer, and current research is providing new clues about the mechanism of stress on the human body. It’s not only obesity and lack of exercise that can cause reductions in blood circulation and damage to blood vessels. Individuals who experience constant stress can increase their risk for blood clots. At the Kimmel Institute in Boca Raton, FL, we provide varicose vein treatment to prevent DVT and disorders.

Effect of Stress on Blood Vessels

Research has shown that extended periods of anxiety can increase coagulation, which decreases the normal circulation of blood through the body and raises the risk of developing blot clots. But anxiety can also increase blood pressure, putting additional stress on the blood vessel walls, making them stiffer and decreasing the amount of blood that flows through the body. Combined these forces can lead to serious blood clots that can cause blockages in the heart and lungs. When you take steps to reduce your daily stress, you also reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and other clotting events.

How You Manage Stress Affects Your Health

Learning to manage stress is a critical key to maintaining good health. Unfortunately, individuals often fall into unhealthy patterns during stressful times, smoking too much, drinking too much, overeating and failing to get regular exercise. These bad habits can contribute to physical damage to blood vessels, increasing the risk for blood clots and other problems.

Tips For Managing Stress in Your Life

Health experts recommend a number of measures to help you manage stress in your daily life:

  • Be aware of your stress level. Recognize when you are in situations that are stressful and be attentive to your body’s response to stress.
  • Learn acceptance of things you can’t control.
  • Learn to be comfortable saying “no” to tasks or activities that will put more pressure on you if you’re already dealing with significant stress.
  • Stay connected with loved ones and friends. These relationships help to reduce stress and increase enjoyment.
  • Incorporate relaxation techniques into your daily life. Yoga, meditation, tai chi, prayer and listening to music are good ways to reduce stress.
  • Exercise regularly to work off tension and reduce stress.
  • Engage in a hobby. Whether you like to read, paint, play golf, do crafts or redecorate the house, these activities take your mind away from stressful thoughts and help you to relax.

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