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What Does a Vascular Doctor Do?

August 21, 2017 • jake • Blog

A vascular doctor specializes in the diagnosing, treating and managing of conditions related to your arteries and veins (blood vessels). They treat a number of health problems varicose and spider veins to aneurysms which are life-threatening.

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Do You Need Sclerotherapy?

July 6, 2017 • jake • Blog

Spider veins and varicose veins can make you feel self-conscious about wearing swimsuits or shorts and may also cause distressing symptoms. Sclerotherapy is a quick and easy solution to the problem of spider veins and varicose veins.

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When You Need a Vein Doctor

June 28, 2017 • jake • Blog

The vascular system of the body includes thousands of miles of arteries and veins as well as smaller blood vessels known as arterioles, venules and capillaries. Driven by the heart, the blood circulates continuously through this system.

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